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A Team Minivan

A Team Minivan

Today, unfortunately our players spend their daily stipend on cabs and transportation to the training field. We believe that by getting a minivan we can better manage their transportation and help them shorten their trip to the stadium, hence keep more money for themselves.

This will make a significant difference in their lives. A minivan can cost from $15K to $25K. However, we will welcome anything your research and means can provide. Anything will help.

Also from an environment standpoint, this will significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Hemlè is set to become a pernicious polluter if nothing is done. 80 trips to the stadium each day, twice a day. 160 cab rides per day, 800 rides each week, 3200 a month. That's a lot... With a minivan, we will take out more than 38,400 cab rides a year. That’s not at all negligible. We know the average lifespan of such minivan in this region can be 10 to 15 years. You can imagine the impact.

Thank you for your generosity.

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