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Collection: What We Need

Hemle Team

Hemlè has about 110 people associated with the club, from players to staff and other daily contractors. For a young organization, one can imagine that our needs are diverse and substantial.

 In examining this list, please assess where your contribution could make an impact. Our oath is to provide you with tangible proof of your contribution.

For personal sponsorship and information about return on investment, please contact Olivier Ngueda directly at 1 415 596 7412 or

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7 items
  • A Team Minivan
    A Team Minivan
  • Clean water for the village
    We will take this water source and distribute it to 1500 people
  • A Soccer/Football Field
    A Soccer/Football Field
  • Fulfilment in Volunteering
    Fulfilment in Volunteering
  • Soccer/Football Supplies
    Soccer/Football Supplies
  • Join Hémlè
    Join Hémlè
  • Sponsors of Every Type
    Sponsors of Every Type