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Olivier Ngueda

Olivier Ngueda

One moto every day:" We are all on borrowed time, let's make our journey here count... The most selfish way to do that is to contribute to the creation of a reality that brings a smile and well-being to your fellow human. A reason I wake up every day is to become the leader I aspire to admire tomorrow. I am humbled to serve this organization."

How can you help?

Hemlè has about 110 people associated with the club, from players to staff and other daily contractors. For a young organization, one can imagine that our needs are diverse and substantial. These are some of the things we need. To view a full list please visit the full list of items we need to see more ways you can help.

  • A Team Minivan
    A Team Minivan
  • Clean water for the village
    We will take this water source and distribute it to 1500 people
  • A Soccer/Football Field
    A Soccer/Football Field
  • Fulfilment in Volunteering
    Fulfilment in Volunteering