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We are waiting for our season to kickoff

We are waiting for our season to kickoff

Our 2020/2021 season will kick off in May 2020 after delays from the Cameroonian Football Federation. Our very first official game in the league will be played in Edea against Tout Puissant.

We expect to make a good first impression and set up future generations with a victory.

Our team is actively preparing for both the League and the Cup.

Also, see our previous schedule... We will update these entries once we hear from the authorities.

How can you help?

Hemlè has about 110 people associated with the club, from players to staff and other daily contractors. For a young organization, one can imagine that our needs are diverse and substantial. These are some of the things we need. To view a full list please visit the full list of items we need to see more ways you can help.

  • A Team Minivan
    A Team Minivan
  • Clean water for the village
    We will take this water source and distribute it to 1500 people
  • A Soccer/Football Field
    A Soccer/Football Field
  • Fulfilment in Volunteering
    Fulfilment in Volunteering

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