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Hémlè Football Club de Botko

Hémlè is your story. If you have some hémlè, today become a proud hémlèen.

Who We Are

Hémlè Football Club de Botko should be considered a socially driven vision first, before a soccer/football program. We are led to make a difference in a tangible way, every day.

Our program has more than 80 paid players, aged 8 to 25 years old. Their raw, un-nurtured talents, combined with hémlè, hard work, discipline, and dedication to their craft are transforming these players into self-empowered adults.

We are affiliated with the National Soccer/Football Federation in Cameroon (FECAFOOT) and we have been granted the right to play two National competitions:

1-County Ligue of Sanaga Maritime (Ligue Départementale de la Sanaga Maritime)

2-Cameroon National Cup (Coupe Du Cameroun)

Mission Statement: To spark economic development through sports in rural Cameroon.

From Despair to Hope

Hémlè Football Club de Botko is a story of our individual journey from despair to hope.

 Maybe you have faced some impossible hurdles but thanks to your perseverance- your hémlè-you've succeeded.

You have nurtured a burning desire to succeed- it is that same hémlè that we are instilling in each and every child and young adult.

Through soccer (football), we are lifting spirits, changing lives, and injecting economic stability into Botko and all the surrounding villages.

With your partnership, we will continue to grow and reach our goals, one step at a time...With hémlè...



In Bassa, a local language spoken in Cameroon by more than 4 million people, hemlè means fierce determination and burning hope when facing extreme adversity. Botko, which means "the city of a thousand souls" is one of the most remote villages in the country, 550 miles from the capital Yaoundé. Once deemed a dynamic and prosperous area, this village was decimated during Cameroon’s War against colonialism.

The war for the independence of Cameroon was brutal in the 1950s and more than three-fourths of the brave Botko villagers were killed by the colonial army. Hundreds of thousands of families and children were displaced due to this war. Poverty and hopelessness became their reality.


Fortunately, the spirit of resilience and hope did not die in the war, and you can see it today, beaming from the faces of people involved with Hémlè Football Club de Botko.

Hémlè Football Club De Botko is less than 20 miles from Sackbayeme, the birthplace of Francois Omam Biyik, who scored the opening goal at the world cup of 1990 in Italy against Argentina (of the great Diego Maradona). Botko is also neighbor to Song Mbenguè, village of Samuel Eto'o, former top scorer in  Europe, who also won the FIFA European Champions League 3 times with FC Barcelona and Inter Milan.... Botko is less than 5 miles away from the home of His Majesty Joseph Antoine Bell, former captain of Girondins de Bordeaux and Olympique de Marseille in France...

So we are well surrounded, and the talent pool is certain. We are without a doubt nurturing the next generation of world class soccer/football superstars. Superstars who will revive this forgotten village.

Our players are not the richest, but they are the most committed and the most talented. Our team is not the most qualified to run such a vision, but we are the most passionate group of misfits.

We have the most exciting social program of any team in Africa. We've completed a water distribution project in Botko, making us the most socially conscious football (soccer) team in Africa. Find out more in our social page. We have faith, the real hémlè in our capacity to achieve our purpose and change our continent... Forever.


Please, take a closer look at the faces displayed throughout this site. These faces convey hopes and dreams that you and I cannot describe. Take the time to read our story, see our vision, and join us in our social aspirations.

We began with nothing and are aiming for the sky. With your partnership, we will continue to grow and reach our sports and social goals. Through soccer (football), we are lifting spirits, changing lives, and injecting economic stability into Botko and surrounding villages.

Hémlè Football Club de Botko is the story of our journey from despair to hope. Today that hope is manifested through the soccer (football) team Hémlè, and its impactful social programs that will create sustainable change for generations to come...


How Can You Join Us?

Hémlè has about 110 people associated with the club, from players to staff and other daily contractors. One can imagine that our needs are substantial. Your contribution WILL make a huge impact.

Learn More About Our Needs

At Hémlè we share one thing: The determination to make a difference, to be the difference we want to see. No complaints. Just the hémlè...